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One of the most illustrious names in the bodybuilding industry is Ronnie Coleman. He shares the record for the most Mr. Olympia victories in history with Lee Haney and Dorian Yates with eight victories.

As impressive as his sporting accomplishments are, there has been a lot of concern in recent years regarding his health.

This article will examine Ronnie Coleman’s health and go over the difficulties he has encountered.

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On May 13, 1964, Ronnie Coleman was born in Monroe, Louisiana. He was the youngest of 14 children and began exercising in his early 20s while attending Grambling State University to study accounting.

After viewing a poster of the renowned bodybuilder Lee Haney, he was motivated to start bodybuilding. Early in the 1990s, he began competing in amateur bodybuilding contests, and in 1995, he went pro.

In 1998, Coleman won his first Mr. Olympia competition, and over the next eight years, he won seven more.

He resigned from competitive bodybuilding in 2007 due to several wounds, including a fractured neck, damaged ligaments, and a herniated disc.

Challenges to Ronnie Coleman’s Health

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Ronnie Coleman’s training regimen was intense, and his body was pushed to its limits. He was known for his heavy lifting, often lifting weights that were twice his body weight.

He also followed a strict diet that included large amounts of protein, which put a lot of strain on his kidneys.


Throughout his career, Ronnie Coleman’s body was subjected to extreme strain, which led to multiple injuries. He needed surgery for a herniated disc in his lower back in 2002.

During a deadlift, he also tore many ligaments in his neck, which required surgery to fix. When squatting 800 pounds in 2007, he completely tore his left quad, which required surgery to heal.

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Back Surgery

Over his career, Ronnie Coleman endured several back operations. He underwent his first significant back surgery in 2011, which required fusing his lower vertebrae.

He underwent another back operation in 2015 to replace a damaged disc. Yet the operation had failed, and he was still in excruciating back agony.

Hip Replacement Surgery

Ronnie Coleman underwent hip replacement surgery in 2018 because of years of joint degeneration. Coleman was able to walk pain-free again after the operation.

He continues to have some hip discomfort and stiffness, though.

Kidney Problems

Ronnie Coleman’s kidneys were under a lot of stress from his rigorous training schedule and high-protein diet. He was diagnosed with a renal illness in 2015 and required three weekly sessions of dialysis.

His medical professionals also informed him that he would eventually require a kidney transplant. He received a successful kidney transplant procedure in 2020.

Ronnie Coleman endured health issues and injuries throughout his bodybuilding career, and he was criticized for using performance-enhancing pharmaceuticals (PEDs).

He freely confesses taking PEDs, including steroids, throughout his career in his book. The use of PEDs in the bodybuilding industry has been the subject of controversy and discussion as a result.

Despite the controversy surrounding him, Ronnie Coleman is still well-regarded and adored by the bodybuilding world.

Many people look up to him because of his incredible body, great work ethic, and everlasting dedication to the sport.

He has inspired and encouraged innumerable people to achieve their fitness goals, and he has acted as a great role model for many others.

Ronnie Coleman’s focus has evolved in recent years to include more sustainable health and fitness promotion.

He has pushed for a more holistic approach to training, emphasizing the significance of mixing intensive exercises with a good diet and rest.

Also, he developed into a motivational speaker and has spoken to crowds all over the world about his experiences.

With his job as a speaker and his social media presence, where he posts updates on his personal and physical health, he continues to inspire people.

Take Away

For many years many years, Ronnie Coleman’s health has been a source of concern. He has had a few injuries as a result of his demanding training schedule and tight diet.

He has had several operations, including a hip replacement and various back procedures. Also, he developed renal disease, which required dialysis and a kidney transplant.

Ronnie Coleman’s road has not been simple, but he has managed to inspire and encourage a large number of bodybuilders.

Many people seek to emulate his devotion, persistent work ethic, and never-say-die attitude. Although facing physical issues,

Ronnie Coleman has not let them prevent him from living life to the fullest. He continues to elevate and encourage others to achieve their aspirations and interests through his motivational talks and active social media presence.

Ronnie Coleman is a real inspiration to many and a reminder that anything is achievable with hard work and determination.

As fans, we should continue to support Ronnie Coleman and wish him the best on his continuous path to health and well-being.

It is crucial to realize that, while bodybuilding may be a great sport, it is also a physically demanding one.

Even in the quest for success and achievement, athletes must take care of their bodies and prioritize their health.

It’s crucial to remember that even the most successful sportsmen, like Ronnie Coleman in competition bodybuilding, can have health issues.

While he accomplished much in his sport, his health should always come first. Despite these obstacles, many people see him as a role model, and he has had a beneficial influence on the fitness community and beyond.

It serves as a reminder that no matter what our goals are, our health should always come first.


What were the Challenges to Ronnie Coleman’s Health?

Ronnie Coleman’s intense training regimen, heavy lifting, and high-protein diet put a lot of strain on his body, leading to multiple injuries and kidney problems.

What Kind of Injuries Did Ronnie Coleman Suffer During His Bodybuilding Career?

Ronnie Coleman suffered from a herniated disc in his lower back, tore many ligaments in his neck, and completely tore his left quad while squatting 800 pounds.

Did Ronnie Coleman Undergo Any Surgeries?

Ronnie Coleman underwent several surgeries, including back surgeries to fuse his lower vertebrae and replace a damaged disc, as well as hip replacement surgery due to years of joint degeneration.

Did Ronnie Coleman Have Kidney Problems?

Ronnie Coleman was diagnosed with renal disease in 2015, which required three weekly sessions of dialysis and eventually a successful kidney transplant in 2020.

What is the Significance of Ronnie Coleman’s Story?

Ronnie Coleman’s story serves as a reminder that even successful athletes can have health issues and the importance of prioritizing health and well-being in pursuit of one’s goals. It also highlights the controversies surrounding the use of PEDs in sports.

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