Ronnie Coleman Analyzes and Critiques The Rock’s ‘Final Boss’ Leg Day Workout

“Yeah Buddy!” When it comes to analyzing fitness routines, who better than the legendary eight-time Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman

In a recent YouTube video, Ronnie Coleman offered his insights and critique of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s grueling ‘Final Boss’ leg day workout

Despite being retired from professional bodybuilding, Ronnie Coleman remains deeply invested in the fitness community, often sharing his wisdom and expertise. 

His review of The Rock’s workout not only provides an in-depth look at Johnson’s training regimen but also highlights the differences in training philosophies between a bodybuilding titan and a wrestling powerhouse.

The Titans: Ronnie Coleman and The Rock

Ronnie Coleman: The King of Bodybuilding

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Ronnie Coleman is a name that resonates with reverence in the bodybuilding world. 

Known for his immense size and incredible symmetry, Ronnie Coleman dominated the Mr. Olympia stage for nearly a decade.

His rivalry with Jay Cutler is one of the most iconic in the sport’s history, pushing both athletes to new heights. 

Ronnie Coleman’s approach to bodybuilding was characterized by intense training sessions and a commitment to perfecting his physique, principles that he still advocates for today.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson: A Wrestling and Fitness Icon

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Dwayne Johnson, better known as The Rock, has carved out a remarkable career in both professional wrestling and Hollywood. 

Known for his impressive physique and relentless work ethic, The Rock has continually pushed his physical limits.

Recently, he prepared for a return to the wrestling ring at WrestleMania 40 and embarked on a rigorous training camp.

Johnson’s leg day workout dubbed the ‘Final Boss’ routine, has garnered significant attention, showcasing his dedication and intensity in the gym.

Ronnie Coleman Examines The Rock’s ‘Final Boss’ Leg Day Workout

In his video analysis, Ronnie Coleman offers a detailed critique of The Rock’s ‘Final Boss’ leg day workout. 

Ronnie Coleman’s commentary is filled with his trademark enthusiasm and catchphrases, providing both entertainment and valuable insights.

Let’s break down Ronnie Coleman’s critique exercise by exercise.

The Workout Routine

Iso-Lateral Leg Press

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The Rock kicks off his leg day with the iso-lateral leg press, performing 20 reps to warm up.

Ronnie Coleman immediately comments on Johnson’s impressive size and strength.

“Alright DJ, what you got going on man? My boy DJ looking big. Looking huge. 20 easy reps, just getting warmed up. Yeah, buddy!”

Ronnie Coleman appreciates the choice of exercise for its ability to isolate each leg, ensuring balanced muscle development. 

He notes that Johnson’s form is solid, emphasizing controlled movements.

Belt Squats

Next, Johnson moves on to belt squats. Ronnie Coleman jokes about Johnson still warming up but acknowledges the effectiveness of the exercise.

“Lightweight baby. Warming it up. Take your time. Oh yeah, there you go. Let’s go, let’s get it. Let’s go DJ, let’s go.”

Belt squats are a great choice for targeting the quads without placing excessive strain on the lower back. 

Ronnie Coleman approves of Johnson’s technique and intensity, encouraging him to keep pushing.

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Walking Lunges

The Rock then transitions to walking lunges with dumbbells, a point where Ronnie Coleman raises some critiques.

“I don’t know about this one DJ. I don’t know. I don’t know about them lunges with the dumbbell but at least you are doing something.

Yeah, buddy! I think I need to show you the Big Ron way of doing the walking lunges with the weight on your back, getting them hams, quads, and glutes swoll.”

Ronnie Coleman prefers performing lunges with a barbell on the back, which he believes offers better overall muscle engagement. 

He suggests that Johnson’s method might be less effective and offers to train with him to demonstrate his preferred technique.

Additional Critiques and Observations

After reviewing the workout, Ronnie Coleman adds a few more critiques, particularly focusing on the lunges.

“That is kind of a weak way to do them lunges though. I don’t know what that was. We need to change that one up.

Alright, DJ, I see you doing that workout over there in Dallas, next time you’re in the Dallas area why don’t you hit your boy Big Ron up, and let’s get together and let’s do something? Yeah, buddy!”

Despite his criticisms, Ronnie Coleman is impressed by The Rock’s overall dedication and intensity.

He appreciates Johnson’s willingness to push himself and suggests they train together to refine his techniques.

The Importance of Technique and Form

Ronnie Coleman’s Training Philosophy

Ronnie Coleman’s training philosophy emphasizes the importance of technique and form.

Throughout his career, Ronnie Coleman combined heavy lifting with precise movements to ensure maximum muscle engagement and growth.

His critique of The Rock’s workout reflects this philosophy, highlighting areas where improved technique could enhance results.

The Rock’s Approach

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The Rock’s training approach is rooted in his wrestling background, focusing on functional strength and endurance.

His ‘Final Boss’ leg day workout is intense and high-volume, aiming to build both muscle and stamina. 

While Ronnie Coleman acknowledges the effectiveness of Johnson’s regimen, he believes that incorporating bodybuilding principles could further optimize his training.

The Legacy of Ronnie Coleman

Influence on Modern Bodybuilding

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Ronnie Coleman’s influence on modern bodybuilding is undeniable.

His dedication, work ethic, and innovative training methods have inspired countless athletes.

Ronnie Coleman’s willingness to critique and mentor others, even in retirement, showcases his commitment to the sport and its community.

Continual Contribution to the Fitness Community

Even after retiring from competitive bodybuilding, Coleman remains active in the fitness community.

His YouTube channel features workout tips, critiques, and motivational content, helping to educate and inspire both novice and experienced bodybuilders. 

Ronnie Coleman’s analysis of The Rock’s workout is just one example of how he continues to share his knowledge and passion.

The Rock’s Evolving Training Regimen

Preparing for WrestleMania 40

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The Rock’s return to the wrestling ring for WrestleMania 40 required an intense training camp.

His ‘Final Boss’ leg day workout was part of this preparation, designed to build the strength and endurance needed for wrestling.

Johnson’s ability to push through such demanding routines at age 52 is a testament to his discipline and dedication.

Transition to Acting Roles

Following WrestleMania 40, The Rock is set to portray MMA legend Mark Kerr in the upcoming movie ‘The Smashing Machine.’ 

Johnson’s training regimen is adapting to meet the demands of this new role, requiring a different approach to maintain his physique and performance.

Training Insights from a Bodybuilding Legend

The Value of Critique and Mentorship

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Ronnie Coleman’s critique of The Rock’s workout highlights the value of mentorship in fitness. 

Constructive feedback from experienced athletes can help refine techniques and optimize training results. 

Ronnie Coleman’s willingness to share his insights underscores the importance of continuous learning and improvement in bodybuilding.

Incorporating Bodybuilding Principles

For those looking to enhance their training, incorporating bodybuilding principles can be beneficial. 

Techniques such as controlled movements, balanced muscle engagement, and proper form can lead to significant improvements in muscle development and overall performance. 

Ronnie Coleman’s critique serves as a reminder of these fundamental principles.

Conclusion: A Meeting of Titans

Ronnie Coleman’s analysis of The Rock’s ‘Final Boss’ leg day workout offers a unique glimpse into the training philosophies of two fitness icons. 

While Ronnie Coleman’s bodybuilding expertise brings a critical eye to Johnson’s routine, both athletes share a common dedication to pushing their physical limits.

Their exchange highlights the importance of technique, form, and continuous improvement in achieving fitness goals. 

As The Rock continues to evolve his training for new challenges, the insights from a legend like Ronnie Coleman can only enhance his journey.

The prospect of these two titans training together in the future is exciting for fans and the fitness community alike.

Whether it happens or not, the respect and camaraderie between Ronnie Coleman and Johnson underscore the shared passion that drives the world of fitness and bodybuilding.

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