Ronnie Coleman’s Bodybuilding Odyssey: From 600 Gram Protein Diets to the First Steroid Cycle

Ronnie Coleman, a name synonymous with bodybuilding greatness, recently opened up about his illustrious career, sharing insights into his formidable diet and the initiation of his journey into the world of steroids

This article takes a deep dive into Ronnie Coleman’s revelations, exploring the dietary strategies that fueled his eight consecutive Mr. Olympia titles and the cautious approach he took toward performance-enhancing substances.

Ronnie Coleman: A Titan of Bodybuilding

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Before we dissect Ronnie Coleman’s dietary and steroid revelations, it’s essential to acknowledge the colossal impact he has had on the world of bodybuilding

Eight Mr. Olympia titles from 1998 to 2005, an era characterized by unparalleled dominance, solidified Ronnie Coleman’s status as one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time. 

His legacy extends beyond the stage, embodying resilience and dedication.

The Significance of Red Meat and Protein

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In a recent YouTube video, Ronnie Coleman provides a glimpse into the dietary regimen that fueled his remarkable physique

Known for his unyielding work ethic, Ronnie Coleman emphasizes the importance of mental fortitude in the pursuit of bodybuilding excellence. 

He delves into his daily consumption, including copious amounts of beef, chicken, and turkey.

“You also gotta have the mentality, you gotta do what it takes to get on that stage. Some guys may not wanna eat certain things like beef and all the stuff that bodybuilders have to eat to be the best. I ate a ton of beef. I ate a ton of chicken. I ate a ton of turkey,” Ronnie Coleman explains.

Regarding the role of red meat, Ronnie Coleman attributes a portion of his muscle thickness to its consumption. 

While acknowledging that chicken and fish are viable sources of protein, he firmly states that achieving his level of development necessitated the inclusion of red meat in his diet.

Protein is what builds muscle. You gotta eat a lot of protein. That’s why I ate 600 grams a day. Now I eat maybe about 200-300 grams a day. I’m still a big guy; I still have to eat kinda big. Before I got into bodybuilding, I ate a lot of meat, and I ate a lot. Even before I was bodybuilding,” Ronnie Coleman reflects.

This revelation sheds light on the meticulous dietary approach that contributed to Ronnie Coleman’s iconic physique.

Ronnie Coleman’s First Steroid Cycle: A Cautious Initiation

As the conversation shifts towards performance-enhancing substances, Ronnie Coleman is transparent about his journey into steroid use. 

Despite the prevalence of steroids in bodybuilding, Ronnie Coleman stresses the importance of medical supervision and routine health checks.

“Everything that I put in my body, you know was doctor-prescribed. And every four months I would get a check-up and make sure the liver was right, the kidneys were right, the heart was right; you know I had everything checked. I never had a problem,” Ronnie Coleman emphasizes.

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Reflecting on his first experience with steroids, Ronnie Coleman credits Flex Wheeler for guiding him into this aspect of bodybuilding

In the mid-’90s, at the age of 30, Ronnie Coleman’s initial hesitation gave way to curiosity, prompting him to seek advice from someone he trusted.

“It was probably 1995-1996 somewhere in there. I was 30 years old. The first time, mhm, because I was so afraid to do all that stuff back then… Well, I got a lot of information from Flex Wheeler. He gave me a lot of information. Flex Wheeler had been around; he won a lot of stuff. ‘I wonder what he’s doing,'” Ronnie Coleman recalls.

His cautious approach to steroid use involved regular health check-ups, ensuring that his body was handling the substances well. 

Ronnie Coleman underscores the importance of frequent health assessments, advising against prolonged intervals without medical scrutiny.

“The route that I took, I always checked to make sure that my body was functioning right and everything was functioning right. That’s why I looked like I did on stage even though I was big and muscular; I looked healthy,” Ronnie Coleman asserts.


Ronnie Coleman’s revelations provide a rare glimpse into the intricacies of his bodybuilding journey

From the meticulous dietary practices that fueled his colossal physique to his cautious initiation into the world of steroids, Ronnie Coleman’s openness fosters a deeper understanding of the complexities within the sport. 

His insistence on health checks serves as a valuable reminder of the importance of responsible practices, even in the pursuit of bodybuilding greatness.

As Ronnie Coleman stands as a living legend, his narrative extends beyond the trophies and accolades, encapsulating a story of resilience, discipline, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. 

In an industry often shrouded in mystery, Ronnie Coleman’s transparency adds a layer of authenticity, contributing to his enduring legacy as a titan in the realm of bodybuilding.

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