Ronnie Coleman’s Insights on Sam Sulek’s Meteoric Rise

Sam Sulek, the focal point of Ronnie Coleman’s recent video, has been making headlines for his unorthodox approach to fitness.

Ronnie Coleman’s discovery of Sam Sulek led to a YouTube reaction video where the bodybuilding legend analyzed Sam Sulek’s lifts and shared his perspective on Sam Sulek’s physique.

Dietary Dichotomy: Ronnie Coleman vs. Sam Sulek

ronnie coleman vs sam sulek
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While Ronnie Coleman maintained a strict diet, consuming 600 grams of protein a day, Sam Sulek follows what he humorously terms a ‘trash diet. Sam Sulek’s dietary choices, including gallons of chocolate milk and Krispie Kreme donuts, have raised eyebrows in the fitness community. 

Ronnie Coleman’s emphasis on red meat for muscle growth contrasts sharply with Sam Sulek’s unconventional nutritional preferences.

Ronnie Coleman’s Reaction to Sam Sulek’s Workout

ronnie coleman reation sam sulek
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The YouTube video captures Ronnie Coleman’s real-time reactions to Sam Sulek’s workout routine. As Sam Sulek showcases various exercises, Ronnie Coleman provides a mix of encouragement and constructive criticism. 

From tricep cable exercises to lat pulldowns and cable curls, Ronnie Coleman’s commentary offers insights into Sam Sulek’s form, strength, and potential areas for improvement.

The Motivational Banter

Throughout the video, Ronnie Coleman’s signature motivational banter echoes, encouraging Sam Sulek to push harder, lift heavier, and maintain proper form. 

The camaraderie between the two, despite the virtual setting, highlights the supportive nature of the fitness community, where seasoned veterans cheer on rising stars.

The Natural vs. Enhanced Debate: Ronnie Coleman’s Take

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The perennial debate surrounding natural athleticism in bodybuilding resurfaces as Ronnie Coleman addresses the question of whether Sam Sulek is natural. 

Ronnie Coleman dismisses any notion of natural athleticism with a hearty laugh, stating, “There ain’t nothing natural about him except for the hat he got on.” 

The blunt response adds a layer of humor to the discussion, as Ronnie Coleman invites Sam Sulek to reach out for a potential meal and workout session.

Joe Rogan’s Perspective

Ronnie Coleman’s viewpoint aligns with podcast host Joe Rogan, who previously mentioned on the Joe Rogan Experience that he could hear steroids in Sam Sulek’s voice. 

Rogan’s belief that bodybuilding at a professional level is impossible without steroids contributes to the ongoing conversation about performance-enhancing substances in the sport.

Sam Sulek’s Unconventional Journey

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Despite skepticism about his methods, Sam Sulek continues to carve his path in the fitness world. Notable figures like Chris Bumstead recognize Sam Sulek’s impact, heralding him as someone who is “taking over the world.” 

Whether Sam Sulek’s unconventional approach leads him to professional bodybuilding or not, his journey unfolds on social media platforms, captivating an audience fascinated by his unique fitness narrative.


In the dynamic realm of fitness, the intersection of established icons like Ronnie Coleman and emerging figures like Sam Sulek creates a captivating narrative. 

The YouTube video serves as a testament to the camaraderie within the fitness community, where legends offer insights and encouragement to rising stars. 

Sam Sulek’s unorthodox methods, captured through Ronnie Coleman’s reactions, add a layer of intrigue to the ongoing dialogue on diet, training, and the eternal debate on natural athleticism. 

As Sam Sulek’s fitness journey continues to unfold, enthusiasts can look forward to witnessing the convergence of tradition and innovation in the ever-evolving bodybuilding world.

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